Why automating the ML pipeline is so important – Anastasia Turin interviews Abhik Majumdar

Welcome to Vidora’s Video Blog Series! Every two weeks, we will take an in-depth look at a different topic in the machine learning universe, breaking down some of the key challenges businesses face with machine learning today, why they should matter to you, and what solutions are out there to help businesses make the most of the technology.

For the first part of Vidora’s video blog series, Technical Project Manager Anastasia Turin interviewed Vidora Co-Founder and CTO Abhik Majumdar about the growing interest in automating the entire machine learning pipeline. They discuss why automating the ML pipeline has become such a hot area of exploration in the machine learning community, the practical advantages that automating the ML pipeline can give businesses, and where the biggest technical innovations in the space are happening today.

Host: Anastasia Turin, Guest: Abhik Majumdar

Posted by Ajai Vishwanath on May 14, 2019