The online world is changing – and it’s more difficult than ever to break through to your customers and engage them. People have shorter attention spans than ever before, so in only 8 seconds you need to grab their attention. But what’s the best way to do that? Are there technology tools available to help you with customer experience optimization? Can your website play a key role in improving your business metrics while giving each visitor content that matches their unique interests and tastes?

Online optimization isn’t as great of a mystery as you might think. And as people spend more and more time online, optimization is becoming critical to your digital strategy. As an Amazon Vice President said – “The Personalization and recommendation engine is the backbone of our company”. It is this investment into online optimization that has Amazon’s customers coming back to their site rather than any other e-Commerce sites. This has helped them reshape the entire retail landscape – and now retail businesses everywhere are not just moving online – they’re trying to create an optimized experience too.

Unravel the mysteries of web optimization and see what industry leaders like Netflix and Amazon are investing in. The keys to hitting your business targets are in the infographic below!

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