As 2016 gets underway, setting your business’s goals for the year ahead means asking tough marketing questions. But in an online world that is growing faster than ever before, data is becoming increasingly complex – as are the ways to analyze it.

If you leverage A.I. and Big Data to collect information from across all your customer touch points, you can ask the right questions and execute on your business’s biggest goals. And although the value of big data and personalization is no mystery, most marketers still haven’t taken full advantage:

Harnessing Big Data

Over 97% of your site has an anonymous audience if you don’t harness big data to learn more about them. This is especially bad given that 78% of online customers demand personalized experiences. But it’s not just about having big data – it’s about knowing how to capitalize on it. This means you need to collect data from across your site and ask important questions, such as:

  • How can I turn infrequent visitors into loyal customers?
  • Which users are going to churn and how do I re-engage them?
  • Of the messages I’ve crafted, which one should I send to which user?
  • How do I maximize revenue through transactions, subscriptions or other means?

But finding the answers to these questions is often hard –  and that’s where Vidora comes in. It’s built on the idea that machine learning can help you understand each of your users across all your marketing touch points, and can also help execute solutions.

Here are some of the questions that our partners have faced, and how Vidora’s Platform has helped answer them:

How do we prevent user churn on our mobile app?

Improving CLV is a challenge that all companies face. Mobile devices are more important than ever for video consumption, and partners of ours need to reduce mobile churn.

By using Vidora to send personalized push notifications at the best times, we helped them achieve some incredible results:

  • Users were over 350% more active on the app and watched over 25% more content
  • Over half of inactive new users (those who downloaded the app but were yet to interact with content) became active after receiving a Vidora-powered notification.

How do we maximize revenue by targeting each user with the right product offering?

Whether you’re in eCommerce, B2B or media, the central challenge for user acquisition is knowing how to show people something they want, and then getting them to buy it. A Vidora partner wanted to know which product to promote to each user to maximize revenue. Vidora was able to help improve conversions by tracking and understanding each user.

  • We learned that users were far more likely to make a purchase after a certain threshold of activity across the site. Using this information, Vidora helped engage users by promoting the right content for each person
  • Vidora found that users who made a purchase often only wanted to be ‘upsold’ to certain other products. We harnessed this information to target each user with exactly the right promotion to maximize conversions

How do we automate our marketing efforts and boost engagement with email?

Across any channel and any industry, automating workflow is vital when handling big data. Email is still easily the best way to engage your users. And one of our clients (one of the world’s largest eCommerce companies) wanted to know how best to personalize emails to boost engagement without manually curating content.

By understanding open and click through rates in emails and how it related to onsite behavior:

  • Vidora increased email engagement by a whopping 425%
  • Vidora massively increased the efficiency of their marketing and editorial teams

A.I. and Big Data Needs to Sit Behind Your Entire Business

Every business has a challenge that they are trying to solve, and goals that they’re working towards – from higher engagement, to preventing churn and maximizing subscription revenue. The questions you need to ask are often as complex as the challenges themselves.

Using Big Data and A.I. can help you answer those tough questions and build the personalized experiences that your customers expect. So grab these keys to marketing success and unlock your business’s potential in 2016!

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