A-B testing is a staple of online development. Google famously varied the hue of the Google blue and the exact layout of their landing and results pages to optimize engagement. There are several companies doing a great job enabling web developers and marketers to test out different dynamic experiences to pick the best one for all customers.

dynamic experiences

But all A-B testing tools make an implicit assumption, and the assumption is that every user is the same. But this just isn’t true. This is because the experience which maximizes click-through rate (CTR) for my mother is not the same experience which maximizes CTR for me, and it’s likely far from the experience which maximizes CTR for a 13-year-old teenager.

Evolving the Online Experience

We need to evolve our notion of what online experiences are. This means moving from static one-size-fits-all to dynamic experiences which change and tailor to each user. My friend Rohit Sharma makes the analogy to a personalized CMS, where content is not statically presented to each user, but where each user is presented with a completely unique experience. Images, modules, content, ad pods and color schemes… everything. Here is a great article from the engineers at Netflix. Netflix isn’t just personalizing content – they are personalizing content modules, genre orders, search results, and so much more. And this is only the beginning.

The rapid rise of mobile, with its commensurate small screen sizes, make personalized experiences more important and more relevant. There are few devices more personal than your phone, and it’s time to evolve the applications to engage users with the best consumer experiences.

At Vidora we are building a platform to enable the next generation of consumer experiences.  Vidora’s technology acts as an intelligent data-driven layer between your traditional CMS and the consumer. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all online experience. Instead, we believe in evolving the online consumer experience to be intelligent, and to learn from you. And with that, we will adapt to your interests and actions. We are making this technology easy to use and available to every consumer-facing webpage and application.

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