Pushing Business Boundaries with AI – Vidora at TechMeeting 2019

On March 13, 2019, Vidora will be presenting at the Global Open Innovation Network’s 2019 TechMeeting about ‘Pushing Business Boundaries with AI’. We will be discussing how Vidora makes ML self-service and accessible to anyone with Cortex, and why adopting solutions that automate the ML pipeline allows businesses to do more with Machine Learning at a faster rate than if they developed solutions in-house.

From the Global Open Innovation Network: “Artificial Intelligence is all around us, analyzing large sets of data, preventing industrial equipment failures, and teaching cars to drive themselves. While it has already impacted many industries, AI is set to push business boundaries even further. This TechMeeting will cover the latest trends and innovations related to Artificial Intelligence including AI & IoT convergence with Edge Computing, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, drug discovery, HR Tech, energy production optimization and more.”

The event will be at 5.30pm at 2415 3rd Street, Suite 231 – click here to register!

Posted by Ajai Vishwanath on February 28, 2019