Optimize User Journeys with Machine Learning

Cortex allows marketers to target users in session without the use of any third-party cookies. This is done by building machine learning pipelines powered by real-time user data to make predictions that are translated into actionable business decisions.

Read here on how to optimize user journeys using real-time Machine Learning.

Conversion Optimization with Next-Best-Action

Next-best-action enables you to choose the right path for each user across your consumer experiences. Cortex provides advanced next-best-action tools that can yield increases in conversions, brand loyalty, and ROI by creating a more personalized user journey.

Case Study – 40% increase in conversions using Next-Best-Action powered by Cortex

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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Techniques like next-best-offer can dramatically elevate the customer experience and increase their lifetime value. We’ve focused on making the interface in Cortex intuitive and easy to modify. This allows marketers to easily add new decisions or offers, weight different offers, and visualize performance increases. Watch a quick next-best-offer video tutorial here.