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Maximize the Value of First-Party Data

Real-time inference can dramatically improve the efficacy of dynamic decisioning strategies. By leveraging a hybrid system of feature engineering which sources from data both past and present, Cortex leverages your customer data and transforms predictions into actionable business decisions for all users. Read more on machine learning techniques using first-party data.

Conversion Optimization with Next-Best-Action

Next-best-action enables you to choose the right path for each user across their journey and adapts over time alongside changing behaviors and preferences. Cortex provides advanced next-best-action tools like incorporating the value of actions in decisioning and easily enabling new customer interventions using techniques like explore-exploit.

Case Study – 40% increase in conversions using Next-Best-Action powered by Cortex

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Automate Experiences on a Per User Basis

Combining unique first-party data with advanced machine learning techniques offers the ability to deliver personalized experiences to maximize customer lifetime value. Watch a quick next-best-offer video tutorial here that highlights how to add new decisions or offers, weight different offers, and automate decisions through our javascript SDK.