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Use Next-Best-Action

Next-best-action enables you to choose the right path for each user across your consumer experiences. Cortex provides advanced next-best-action tools like incorporating the value of actions in decisioning and easily enabling new customer interventions using techniques like explore-exploit.

Data incoming

Leverage Next-Best-Offer

Sending the right offer or discount to a user to encourage a subscription or prevent churn is a key component of many marketing strategies. Cortex enables your team to leverage advanced techniques like Uplift Modeling in combination with real-time data to ensure you are maximizing the value of every offer.

Real time machine learning

Target Anonymous and First-Time Users

Your team can now easily incorporate real-time data into your machine learning models to make decisions on 1st time or anonymous users. With the impending deprecation of 3rd party cookies, it will be even more important to leverage all 1st party data to personalize user experiences.

Data Wrangling

Cortex ingests raw behavioral and attribute data at massive scales and provides tools to automatically aggregate and clean the data.

Feature Engineering

Models learn from features, not raw behavioral data. Cortex's automated feature engineering searches across multiple time windows and nonlinear transformations.

Model Selection

Cortex eliminates guesswork by automatically testing combinations of algorithms and model parameters to build the best pipelines.

Business Integration

Use real-time APIs or recurring batch exports to easily integrate predictions, prescriptions, and recommendations into existing workflows.

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