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Data Monitoring

Cortex extends the value of your business’s unique data by enabling anyone to leverage that data into Machine Learning Pipelines. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the Data tab in Cortex, including how to monitor and view the data being ingested into your account.


Cortex’s ability to ingest continuous streams of data means that billions of unique data points might be flowing into the platform every month. The Overview area summarizes this data so that anyone can quickly take a pulse on the health of your Cortex account.

Depending on the type of data being ingested into your account, the Overview area will contain some or all of the three sections described below. A glance at any of these sections will immediately alert you to any suspicious data patterns or broken data feeds.


How many unique user IDs registered an event on each day within the last month? Note that if your account is configured to make predictions for objects other than users (e.g. inventory, articles, houses, etc.), those objects will be reflected here.


How many events were registered on each day within the last month? This graph can be filtered to a specific event type using the dropdown menu.


How many unique items were ingested from the latest feed? Note that the “Items” section will only appear if you are sending a feed of item attributes (e.g. from a Content Management System) into Cortex.

Manage Your Data

The “Manage Your Data” area of the Data tab summarizes all the sources that are feeding data into your Cortex account. Clicking into a particular source provides you with information about the fields included in that source and a snapshot of sample data recently received by Cortex.

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