The writing is on the wall. Big tech is clamping down on 3rd party data. New user privacy measures will make it increasingly difficult to sell targeted ad campaigns using 3rd party data.

That’s bad news.

The good news is that your 1st party data, combined with Machine Learning, can fill the gap and open up new premium ad inventory for the best global brands.

The better news is that Cortex will enable your ad tech and ad sales teams to directly create that inventory using all of your 1st party data.

How it Works

Load Your 1st Party Data

Load billions of behavioral data from across your BUs into Cortex. Cortex integrates with directly with your data sources

Define Seed Set Behaviors

Example : Create a Travel User Segment - Seed Set users engaged with travel content more than 3 times over the past month

Build New Segments in Minutes

Example - Expand the Seed Set to find 5 millions users who are most similar to the target segment using machine learning

Create New Premium Inventory Across Your Sites

Each of your BUs offers unique content and experiences. This means each of your BUs can offer unique advertising inventory which can be made available across your entire portfolio of sites. Define a seed set on one site, but build out your segment on a sister site.

How Cortex Enables your Ad Tech and Marketing Team

Create new premium ad inventory across all BUs

Simple no-code interface purpose-built for non-coders in ad operations and marketing

Use only your own 1st party data - Cortex can process billions of data points

Fully integrated into your workflows

Examples : Premium Ad Segments Built Using Cortex


Travelers Foodies Movers
Sports Lovers Car Buyers Home Buyers
Financial Service Professionals Starting School High Net Worth Individuals

“In terms of ROI … [these] are customer requested ad segments and so they do have a high value. It was very easy to justify Vidora as our platform because we were able to create a premium product for less cost.”

Head of Data Technology at News Corp Australia

The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora