Vidora Decreases Churn and Increases Customer Loyalty

Leverage our behavioral AI platform to predict, understand, and automatically improve customer loyalty.

How It Works

Vidora creates a centralized storage of user data from all your marketing channels.

Every user is ranked by their loyalty to your brand.

A.I. shows you the key predictive metrics that drive churn & loyalty.

Automation and 1:1 personalization increases the loyalty of every user.

Improving customer retention by just 5% can increase profits anywhere from 15-95%

Finally, a platform that automatically decreases churn and improves customer loyalty. With Vidora's predictive AI, you can successfully identify high-risk customers and act before it’s too late. Vidora takes in all your data and provides actionable insights to help you achieve your KPIs while building a lifetime customer relationship.


Our pricing philosophy is simple - we believe that we should only be successful if our customers are. Our always-on AI platform automatically predicts user churn and loyalty, shares actionable insights into your most important business metrics, and delivers unique and engaging customer experiences for each of your users. We invite you to get a custom quote today.