Predictive AI Faster and Cheaper Than Ever Before

Most organizations underestimate the time and investment needed to build Machine Learning Pipelines in house. Eliminate internal bottlenecks and improve every team’s performance with Cortex.  We automate the hardest and most time consuming parts of machine learning, allowing you to stay a step ahead of competition.

Give Every Team Access to Predictive AI

Building Machine Learning Pipelines is often the responsibility of one team, leaving others without the ability to create their own predictions.  Cortex is built to enable business teams to create and run their own Machine Learning Pipelines without hiring a team of Data Scientists.

Create Machine Learning Pipelines 25x Faster

Building Machine Learning Pipelines internally often takes months to create a first version, and as much time re-training and maintaining those predictions over time. Cortex automates the hardest aspects of machine learning, getting you up and running faster than ever.

Improve Business Results

When companies begin to incorporate Predictive AI into their workflows, business results start to improve. Companies have seen 400% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness and reduced Churn by 5% with Cortex.

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Predictive AI for The Entire Organization



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