As an executive, you’re constantly looking to strengthen competitive advantages and drive maximum value from your business. Cortex lets you quickly deploy an integrated machine learning solution without costly investments of time and resources. Cortex hones its techniques every time it solves a new problem, allowing you to build on its experience with global Fortune 500s to get a head start turning your data into value. Enable new strategic initiatives for your business and visualize the impact of machine learning on your key goals today.


Your customer retention strategy starts with understanding your users. Since marketers often lack the technical background necessary for predictive modeling, they’ve long relied on past customer behavior to inform future marketing strategy. Cortex gives you the tools to predict customer behavior before it occurs using the easiest point-and-click machine learning interface on the market. Automate and personalize customer communication, gain deep predictive insight into your user base, and run targeted retention, win-back, and upsell campaigns all without writing a single line of code.

Product Teams

Customers increasingly demand personalized experiences from their products, and catering to their unique preferences pays dividends — according to Gartner, personalization engines will boost profits by 15% for digital business by 2020. As the product expert, you’re in the best position to dictate which experiences should be personalized and how. Cortex gives you the power to build machine learning technology directly into your digital products without a data science intermediary. Create personalized experiences which update in real-time and maximize engagement for every one of your users.

Business Analysts

Analyzing your business requires finding a solid basis for recommendations that will deliver value to your organizations. Traditionally, business analysts have relied on backwards-looking analytics to make these critical decisions. With Cortex, use robust forward-looking predictions to inform how you shape and grow the future of your company. Gauge the overall health of your business to focus on high-impact projects and maximize the value of your resources.


Integrating your business with third party software vendors can be a pain. Cortex makes it easy to incorporate machine learning directly into your existing applications and business tools. With a variety of mechanisms to automatically ingest data and provide access to model outputs, Cortex eliminates the hassle of hooking up your business to its powerful machine learning engine.

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