Cortex is designed from the ground up to make it easy for any organization to deploy, integrate and measure Strategic AI in their business. Cortex is powered by Strategic AI, which enables businesses to optimize for longer term strategic goals. A key component of Cortex is Cortex Queries, which is designed to allow businesses to easily integrate Cortex and ask complex questions. As your business evolves and you become more data-driven, Cortex will evolve with you, helping you answer your hardest and most strategic questions

Examples of Cortex Queries:

Subscription Companies

“Find all users 75%+ likely to churn & indentify what new features shold be sent to each over email”

eCommerce Companies

“Show the top 10 product categories out of 10,000 for each mobile user to maximize purchases”

Media Companies

“Find all Android users 80%+ likely to watch our newly syndicated TV show when sent a push”

Cortex Connectors

Cortex Connectors allow businesses to quickly and easily integrate Cortex into their business via push or pull mechanisms. Cortex Connectors supports a variety of data formates including JSON, CSV and APIs, and is integrated with many common marketing and business applications

Cortex Insights

Vidora exposes predictive metrics unique to your business goals, and allows anyone in your organization to easily see the power of Strategic AI


Strategic AI

Strategic AI is a novel approach to AI built by Vidora – designed specifically to help businesses optimize and automate for longer term and more strategic objectives. Some of the benefits of Strategic AI include:

  1. Flexible Business Objectives – Set new business goals on a weekly,  monthly or quarterly basis. Cortex will adapt and change the automation results based on your current objectives.
  2. Optimize for Longer Term and Strategic Goals – Optimize for  organizational goals like “maximize total subscribers” or “maximize for  total time played across all video”
  3. Optimize for Complex Goals – Optimize for goals which have multiple objectives like “minimize churn while ensuring $50,000 per day in ad revenue”

Automated Data Normalization & Merging

Cleaning data, removing outliers, accounting for missing features, normalizing input features, and merging multiple sources can be a painful and time-consuming process. Cortex learns from every deployment and has robus and automated frameworks for transforming and managing your data in preparation for usage by Strategic AI

Automated Feature Engineering

Vidora automates feature engineering from raw, real-time behavioral data, generating optimal features given our experience with global Fortune 500s

Automated Model Selection & Learning

Vidora trains and constantly evaluates multiple models, including state of the art deep neural networks and gradient-boosted decision trees

Real-time Adaptive Intelligence

Vidora’s predictive technology adapts in real-time to optimize to every unique user’s experience, constantly learning and adapting to their actions