End to End Automation

1. Data Wrangling

Cortex processes raw data at huge scales from disparate data sources. We then aggregate and clean that data automatically and automatically transform it into the features needed for machine learning models.

2. Model Selection

Cortex takes the guess work out of ML by automatically testing the right Features, Algorithms, and Model Parameters to make the most accurate predictions.

3. Prediction Generation

Cortex can run numerous predictions from your data, including predicting future behaviors, finding look-alikes, recommendations, uplift modeling and more!

Say Goodbye to Data Wrangling

Typically data wrangling accounts for 90-95% of the effort in building a Machine Learning Pipeline, and progress is often slowed by the unforeseen challenges it presents. Cortex automates this process by continuously ingesting your data from multiple data sources, aggregating and cleaning that data, and finally transforming into the features necessary for model selection.  With these steps automated for you in Cortex, your team is free to focus on strategy and apply the results.

The Right Model for Every Prediction

Choosing the best model for a prediction often requires guess work and trial and error. This is not only time consuming but also requires deep expertise in AI and machine learning. By automating Model Selection, Cortex gives the power of AI to everyone in an organization.

Prediction Types for Every Use Case

Cortex was built for flexibility, allowing you to create multiple predictions from the same data sources.  These predictions include

  • Predicting Future Events
  • Finding Look-Alikes
  • Uplift Modeling
  • Customer Recommendations
  • and much more!

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