Integrations that work for you

Cortex integrates with a variety of data sources, including custom internal solutions, so you don’t have to spend countless hours manually churning through it beforehand.

Less Technical, More Productive

Get everyone on your team involved integrating machine learning into your business.

Model Directives

Build machine learning pipelines by describing goals in plain English

Feature Impact

Understand how influencing your most important features can impact your overall goal

Custom Features

Inject custom features directly into your pipelines to see the effect on performance

Put Predictive Results to Work

Take the predictive output generated from your pipelines and push intelligent solutions into every corner of your business in seconds.


Export predictions with a few clicks or on a schedule directly from the cloud

Deployment APIs

Use up-to-date predictions from your pipelines to automate teal-time business logic

Cortex Snapshots

Get your insights delivered straight to your inbox for close monitoring

Get Started with a Free Trial

Schedule a demo, set up a free trial, and
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