Next-Best-Action experiences, powered by Machine Learning, leverages both past user behaviors as well as in-session user data, to adapt and optimize for the best decision for every user. This includes targeting anonymous and first-time users for whom other information is lacking.

Next-Best-Action is a natural paradigm for making customer journey decisions and provides personalization benefits far greater than heuristic, rule-based approaches which are not dynamic alongside changing user behaviors and preferences.

Vidora Cortex optimizes for business value in the customer journey by predicting user intent and automatically enables next-best-action decisions to drive conversions.

Here is how easy it is to deploy a Next-Best-Action experience using Vidora Cortex:


  1. Implement Vidora client-side SDK 
  2. Collect real-time user data 
  3. Combine with batch historical customer data
  4. Build prediction pipeline(s) for Next-Best-Action use case
  5. Deploy predictions within a Decisioning Project and launch into production
  6. Compare results to existing rule-based approach

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