Automatic Feature Engineering

Vidora’s machine learning platform, Cortex, automates the hardest steps of ML for you in one simple pipeline. A crucial step in this process is feature engineering. The Cortex platform automatically builds a comprehensive set of features for many use cases, and it constantly gets smarter as more features are added.

Custom Features with Vidora

Custom Feature Engineering

Customers also have the option of supplementing Cortex’s automatically generated features with their own features by using a simple SQL interface. When constructing a new pipeline, click the Advanced Options link to explore adding your own Custom Features.

Use Cases

Read more about Feature Engineering and how Vidora and its partners approach it for different types of use cases. What are you interested in predicting?

Churn or Retention

Customer Category Interactions – Coming Soon

Number of Content Views – Coming Soon

Customer Propensity

Active Times of Day – Coming Soon

Likelihood of Company Default – Coming Soon

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