Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Do you get excited about the possibilities of AI and its broadening influence in the world?  Vidora is at the forefront of integrating AI technology with the core of Fortune 500 companies. Vidora combines the traditional worlds of business intelligence and marketing and puts AI at the center of every organization. Our AI platform analyzes data across an organization and leverages “strategic AI” to determine the best ways to increase the value of every user. Our Applications Engineer will be responsible for integrating and deploying this advanced AI platform with high profile customers and building the products and tools that they will use on a daily basis.


  • 2+ years of industry experience building production level applications and services
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent preferred
  • Proficient with some form of scripting language, familiarity with Ruby or Python plus
  • Comfortable with Unix command line, HTTP, and MySQL
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript a plus
  • Good communication skills, and a strong team player with attention to detail

The Basics – Vidora Fundamentals:

We first ask ourselves a fundamental question for anyone we interview at Vidora – “Can Vidora provide a great opportunity for the candidate to grow and meet their personal and career goals?” We believe a company should be an environment which fosters growth, and we are committed to providing that environment for everyone we work with at Vidora.

We’ve found there are a few underlying characteristics which are paramount for success at Vidora:

  1. Perseverance: There is a well-worn adage that “life will knock you down, the true test of character is how quickly you get back up”. Building a business is hard work – very hard work – and the ability to face setbacks and bounce back stronger than before is imperative.
  2. Drive: We are not here to build an average company. We want to work and surround ourselves with people who think big and are trying to impact the fundamental of how the world works.
  3. Acumen: Vidora is working on the cutting edge of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We also work with the largest global companies on technology which is transforming their businesses. The ability for everyone to adapt and learn allows Vidora to meet these challenges and achieve our vision of changing how businesses work.