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Interpreting Machine Learning Models: Vidora’s Quarterly Report – Q3, 2018

As the business applications of Machine Learning (ML) expand, non-technical stakeholders are increasingly interested in interpreting ML models. Traditionally, ML systems are di cult to interpret, but a well-implemented and interpretable machine learning model can enable your business to make faster, smarter decisions. In our Q3 quarterly report, we discuss the benefits of understanding your […]

Vidora CEO Alex Holub to Present Keynote Speech at ODSC West: “The Future of Machine Learning”

Vidora CEO Alex Holub will be presenting the keynote speech at ODSC West 2018 in San Francisco. ODSC is one of the world’s largest conferences on applied data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. ODSC attracts over 4,500 leaders across industries from around the world, holding speeches, workshops and training sessions about the latest innovations […]