Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Do you get excited about the possibilities of AI and its broadening influence in the world?  Vidora is at the forefront of integrating AI technology with the core of Fortune 500 companies. Vidora combines the traditional worlds of business intelligence and marketing and puts AI at the center of every organization. Our AI platform analyzes data across an organization and leverages “strategic AI” to determine the best ways to increase the value of every user. Our Applications Engineer will be responsible for integrating and deploying this advanced AI platform with high profile customers and building the products and tools that they will use on a daily basis.


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About Vidora:

In the next 5-10 years, every data driven business will have AI sitting at the core of it. An intelligent brain taking in billions of inputs, making predictions about the future of every customer, and ultimately prescribing unique solutions for each individual to maximize their value and loyalty with the brand. Vidora reduces churn for subscription, commerce, and media companies by processing billions of behavioral data points and prescribing solutions that maximize the value of every user. Global companies like the Wall Street Journal, Walmart, and Panasonic see 5-10x ROI with Vidora’s AI platform. Built by machine learning PhDs from Berkeley and Caltech, Vidora easily aggregates all your company’s data to deliver real-time predictive scores and to prescribe CLV boosting actions. Currently Vidora process over 200 million behavioral events every day.